Interview with Igor Nobilo from Croatia Photo Tour

Croatia Photo Tour, a specialized photography tour service led by professional local photographers, available year-round in Croatia and neighboring countries of Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro. Igor Nobilo, owner, chief guide and manager.

We offer preset day tours to popular destinations, led by photographers and mostly focused on photography. A big part of our services are custom-built tours for individuals travelers, small or slightly larger groups, lasting a single day or several weeks. We are not a travel agency, but we do aid our guests in booking transportation beyond our tours and accommodation during or around our tours.

Photography tours are not an exception to the decline of tourism globally, but our biggest advantage are small groups or one-on-one tours, hence the risks associated with Covid are minimal. With us, it is easy to maintain necessary measures, avoid large crowds (as we do this anyway) and plan around potential risky situations.

We are slightly positive in our outlook, as our market are people who are always willing to invest in the experiences we offer. The main obstacle are travel restrictions, which we believe will become less and less of a factor by the end of 2020.

The trend of travellers seeking unique and individual experiences will continue and become even more prominent. Anyone offering true, local, down-to-earth experiences will benefit, as people have become more self-aware during this pandemic and do not wish to waste their time and money on tours and travel that does not bring them something they can truly cherish. One could say, let’s enjoy life and the world before another pandemic grounds us again.

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