Interview with David Thompson from Dave’s Travel Corner

Dave is an international travel writer and founder of Dave’s Travel Corner, a premier travel resource since 1996. He is well traveled (175 countries & territories); while on the road he enjoys the outdoors, backpacking, mountain climbing, meeting people, and experiencing other cultures.

Travel content since 1996 on Dave’s Travel Corner – articles, photography, videos – content to help inspire traveling. My other business involves operating a tour guiding services for clients visiting the Napa Valley in California (since I have personally visited, tasted and extensively written about more then 1,050 Napa Valley based wineries, I have built a very unique perspective of this region).

Travel has become extremely more complicated with ever changing border closures, testing required, quarantines etc. Not to mention peoples concerns about not traveling due to safety reasons – but now all these other complications are additional barriers to being able to travel. Trips have become closer to home – at least for now.

My tour business was almost non existent last year – more focused on regional visitors than out of state or international visitors. However, my online travel business has surprisingly been doing well – and online advertisers are still spending money. Let’s hope this continues.

The in-person sponsored travel (where I get paid to promote regions or experiences through first hand visits) that I have become accustomed to has been non existent the past 12 months. A big part of my work is with brands in the tourism space (promoting regions, experiences or products through my online channels). But in the past few weeks I’ve started getting ‘feelers’ from tourism boards and tour operators starting to plan some in person trips over the next 12 months. So this is a very good sign.

My outlook is very positive – very bright – its just going to take some time to recover like previous virus outbreaks.

Probably by end of next year or into 2023 although there are plenty of current indications (depending on where you are on the planet right now) that things are starting to head to a more normal equilibrium. People need to feel safe when traveling – and the vaccine is a big part of that – however not all countries are going to have access to the vaccine at the same rate. So certain places will initially open up more than others.

Countries that people feel safe to travel to will bounce back the quickest. The no touch policies that airlines have implemented will most likely be here to stay – including the additional cleanliness regulations. Initially countries may require proof of vaccination – (like proof of a yellow fever vaccination before entering certain countries has been required for years – although I’ve been in countries where a simple bribe voids this requirement).

I am preparing for a big jump in business – working especially with tourism boards who want to promote safe travel to their destination. And I’m ready to send some of my writers on these trips as soon as things open up more.

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